hanger steak and eggs 30

with lemon garlic potatoes, roasted tomatoes, pesto

pain per du  19

our french toast served with mascarpone and blueberry compote 

breakfast caesar salad with poached egg 17

baked eggs and grilled halloumi 18

with saffron tomato sauce, spice yogurt sauce

poached eggs and avocado toast 16

on settapani sourdough 

lamb hash and eggs 24

falafel fried oysters with cheddar grits 22

fresh oysters  12/22


potato croquettes 6

sliced avocado 6

roasted tomatoes 6

side of steak  15

side of cheddar grits 6

brunch drinks

mimosa 12

bloody mary 12

bloody maria 12

michelada 12

orange juice 7