mezze plate* 18

hummus, baba ganouj, tabouli, and lebneh 

hummus* 8

topped with fried chick peas 

baba ganouj* 8

with mint and pistachio 

lebneh and stracciatella* 10

house made lebneh rolled in toasted pistachios and fresh mint in a bed of stracciatella 

lemon potatoes 10

fried potatoes with lemon and turmeric served with garlic aioli 

dukkah*  9

mixed nuts roasted with zaatar, sumac, and herbed oil 

fried brussel sprouts 10

with green tahini sauce 

fried cauliflower  10

with green tahini sauce 

french fries 10

with sriracha aioli 

*served with house flat bread


hanger steak with chimichurri  29

served with dukkah roasted kale, pickled lemon chimichurri sauce, and your choice of mashed potatoes or fries gf

green falafel platter 21

lebanese-style falafel packed with parsley and edame, and coated in sesame seeds with tahini sauce, mexican-style pickled carrots and turnips

falafel fried chicken 21

served with mexican-style pickled carrots and cabbage turnip slaw

lamb kufta  23

lebanese-style meatballs served with saffron tomato sauce and tahini

beirut style shawarma galette  20

mountain bread grilled with your choice of lamb, beef, or mixed, and served with green tahini sauce, pickled turnips, onions, herbs, and sumac

falafel fried chicken sandwich  19

with spicy garlic aioli and coleslaw on homemade hawaiian bun served with french fries

kufta burger  22

with feta, mint, spicy garlic aioli on homemade hawaiian bun served with french fries


magdalene tabouli  14

served with fresh veggies, crispy chick peas, avocado, feta, pesto 

fattoush  14

with sumac-dusted pita croutons, edamame, and feta 

magdalene caesar 14

with crispy chickpeas and a touch of tahini

salmon 10

falafel 8

grilled chicken 9

grilled shrimp 9

falafel fried chicken 11


pistachio tres leches 12

tres leches with pistachio cream, and italian merengue